*cue “This is Halloween” song*

Had SO many things I wanted to do for Halloween 2012 but alas, I was too indecisive to make a decision so my last minute agenda was to simple wing it!

Having a horror movie marathon (I am bracing myself!!) and game night with my siblings and perhaps their significant others. I’m bringing my ghoulfriend of course.

I wanted to do a murder mystery party but I guess I’m sticking to a game of Cluedo, haha.

I also wanted to do a midnight party at a cemetery. Ghosts, ghouls, monsters, vamps and zombies invited. Let’s no exclude them. It’s their day.

Or a makeshift vintage horror flick movie showing at a cemetery with friends. But that’s not happening right now so yeah, in the future for sure!

MIGHT go out beforehand because my sister really wants to show off her Spartan costume so I might go as a Sailorette. Hoping a gorgeous merprince sees me & whisks me away!

Hope everyone has a horrifically fanbloodytastic All Hallows Eve! ☽

Am I one of the few staying in for Halloween?

What are you guys doing? 🙂


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✞ 10 things I’m psyched about for this month of October ✞

 1) My sisters birthdayI LOVE birthday food AND birthday cake



2) My brothers birthdayDOUBLE the birthday food AND birthday cake



3) FrankenweenieIt SHOULD come out this month since it’s PERFECT for Halloween



4) Pitch PerfectI have huge girl crushes on Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick



5) Fall themed lipstickI need more in my life. Fall is my favourite season even if I live in a tropical country.



6) Real Techniques BrushesCore Collection. Receiving them this week!! I finally don’t have to borrow from my mum and this collection is quality at it’s finest.



7) Phantom Mugmy awesome friend got me a Phantom of the Opera themed mug from the opera theatre last Saturday. Psyched to get it!! It would be a perfect addition to my growing quirky mug collection.



8) My friends birthdayHope he has something up his sleeve so the gang does something fun that involves bats, skulls, spiders and pumpkins.


Image Image

9) All Souls DayI love going to the cemetery. Something about it makes me feel peaceful and relaxed. Plus, it’s aesthetically, hauntingly a beautiful place to behold.



10) Halloween!!!still not sure what the agenda is (trick or treating / movie marathon + game night OR both!) but I hope it’s going to be stellar!



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Lip and Cheek Tint Review: Olay, Majolica Majorca, Lush and Benefit

Clear, dewy skin, clean eyebrows, flushed cheeks. Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner.

This look has caught the recent fashion runways by storm.

I’ve always been a fan of the natural make-up look or the “no make-up make-up” look so that’s basically my go-to everyday make-up.

My top 2 natural make-up looks would be:


Now if I had immaculate complexion, I wouldn’t ever bother putting make-up on unless for special occasions, but unfortunately, it isn’t the case for me. I have combination skin and I get breakouts more often than not so medicated concealer is a must. Concealer, loose power, brow liner, mascara and lip & cheek tints do the trick for me. Lipsticks are also opted to spice things up when I’m feeling more adventurous.

Women, I believe, should wear make-up only when necessary or for the right occasion. I don’t get it when people with amazing skin pile the make-up on. Let your skin breathe, people. And besides, isn’t it ironic that women with great skin put foundation on when foundation is supposed to erase flaws? Why use that when your face is flawless? It’s just a waste of money quite frankly.

Let’s not dabble on and on about make-up and let’s get down to business. Back in the day, lip and cheek tints were usually drying and didn’t blend easily but thanks to Benefit’s Benetint, (the original/first famed tint) a lot of make-up brands have evolved versions: tint and balm, balm tint, cream tint and gloss tint. The things I love about them are not only that they give you a natural flushed glow, but that they don’t “transfer”, they last for hours and they’re (if I may be so bold) “boyfriend approved” or kiss-proof. I visited my grandmum last weekend and she complimented my rosy, glowing cheeks (which she thought was real). I normally have semi-rosy cheeks but I add a zing for desired effect.

Alright, so I originally have a few cheap lip & cheek tints (which I wouldn’t recommend) and the lovely Benetint product. And a month or so ago I got CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush in ‘Lush Berry 230’, Majolica Majorca’s (sister brand of Shiseido) ‘Blood On’ Lip & Cheek Stain: Limited Edition and Lush’s ‘A Million Kisses’ Lip Tint.

Note that the results vary per person, i.e. skin colour and skin type. My skin type is oily/combination skin. It really depends on the weather. Moisturizer and lip balm are important. You should always put moisturizer no matter what skin type you have. It also makes your make-up glide easily/smoothy and stay on for a longer period of time.


1) CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush in ‘Lush Berry 230’

Color: plum red

Blush type: cream |buildable

Consistency: velvety

Staying power: 8 hours or more | waterproof

Price Point: $10 – $15 depending where you buy it

Package quality: bigger than most blush pots | a bit bulky

Fragrance: none

Mass: 0.4 oz (12 g)

Look: semi-matte

Extras: infused with Olay Regenerist Serum | Improves the texture & brightness of skin (using niacinamide and antioxidants) | non-transferable

Note/s: a little goes a long, long way | worth the price

2) Majolica Majorca’s ‘Blood On’ Lip and Cheek Stain

Color: cherry red | red velvet cake

Blush type: tint | buildable

Consistency: balmy

Staying power: 6 hours or more

Price Point: roughly $10 | ‘limited edition’ but they’re trying to finish the stocks

Package quality: very pretty Alice in Wonderland-esque packaging | compact

Fragrance: none

Mass: 5 g

Look: dewy but not greasy

Extras: a lot of people said that it faded quickly for them, but not for me, so I’m thankful | very easy to apply

Note/s: affordable | but buying 2 of this is like buying 1 of the CG & Olay Sculpting Blush | sometimes on SALE

3) Lush’s ‘A Million Kisses’ Lip Tint

Color: dark red velvet

Lip type: tint | buildable

Consistency: in the middle of balmy and creamy | smooth

Staying power: 12 hours or more

Price Point: roughly $10

Package quality: tiny but generous quantity-wise | compact | clean and simple

Fragrance: smells like roses! | scent lingers for the whole day

Mass: 10 g

Look: matte | highly pigmented

Extras: organic | handmade | non-transferable

Note/s: a little goes a long way | although it’s a balm, I find it dries out my lips | but what’s weird is that it dries my lips so much that my lips peel so easily and when peeled, the under-layer is soft and supple

4) Benefit Benetint

Color: red wine

Lip type: tint | buildable

Consistency: liquid

Staying power: 6 hours or more

Price Point: $25 – $30

Package quality: nail polish-like but bigger | lightweight

Fragrance: rose scented

Mass: 15 ml | 0.5 fl oz

Look: dewy | flushed | sheer

Extras: cult favourite | kiss-proof | water-proof

Note/s: I find that the product transfers more on my fingers than my face but maybe it’s because of my skin type

This review is for any Covergirl & Olay, Majolica Majorca, Lush and Benefit fans, stain lip and blush fans or for anyone researching for great and affordable lip and/or cheek tints in the market. 🙂

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Book Sales and Word Play

Stacks and stacks of glorious, sweet-smelling books and in the company of fellow book lovers but adversaries for the day – I was in Cloud 9 indeed!

I tried to work hard and fast going through all those books so I wouldn’t miss out on all the good ones. I thought I had succeeded and found myself walking around to observe what books people were checking out, and out of the corner of my eye I see a red, white and yellow rectangular box and decide to investigate. As I move closer, I realize and recognize that it was a Dr. Seuss book set! SCORE! So I quietly make my way towards the set so as not to attract any unwanted competitors and get there without a sweat. I beam and reach for it but then hesitate. The set was above a few books and right beside a guy scanning a book. I contemplate the situation for a while and it painfully dawned on me that the set already belong to someone else. The way he protectively leaned on the books with his elbows sometimes on top of them and the way he would steal quick glances at those books told me the hard hitting truth. The truth that was confirmed once he finished scanning and got the books he already picked out and walked away. I froze and yelled, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” in my mind. Failed. I had failed! My one mistake was to not take the children’s section seriously. I missed out on a DR. SEUSS SET!!!! My heart cried in agony. I rushed to see if there was another one but alas it was not meant to be.

I told my sister and my brother what happened and my sister successfully hunted down a Dr. Seuss. 2 in fact. But not the one I wanted. *le sigh*

Above are the Dr. Seuss books she found and bought. Vintage which I love. She’s giving it to her future kids for their bedtime stories. Sweet!

I also saw this book with a beautiful Gothic and turn of the century-esque cover art that got me intrigued. I eventually didn’t buy it because the story centers around Lord Byron’s colleague/friend and not Lord Byron himself.

My sister saw this book that had a witty and funny title and book cover. I admired the word play on it as well.

This next book was the image and likeness of our 2 family kitties which we found highly amusing and a hilarious coincidence. They even got their expressions down pat.

Another thing that brightened my day was definitely seeing people of all ages and sizes at the book sale. Particularly this très mignon little boy that was reading a book by himself. Now I don’t mean to look like a creepo but I just had to take a photo for an honest & innocent purpose. Besides, I love his hair colour. I’ll most definitely use the photo as a peg the next time I decide to dye my hair light at a salon, hehe. He had such a cute accent when his mother called for him. He even bought the book he was reading. And check out those adorable wellies! 🙂

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Book Haul!!!

If fashionistas have Make-up Hauls, geeks have Book Hauls.

I say ‘geek’ as a term of endearment. Plus, I am one so le duh!

A few months ago there was a book sale at a local bookstore and I for sure had a mini heart attack…in a good way that is. You should see me in a situation like that. My eyes light up like fireworks in the freakin’ Fourth of July. They truly do.

I scored a variety of 9 books for around $20! CHA-CHING. So that’s more or less $2 a book!

Chchcheck out my new babies! Which I’ve completely devoured since then.

For utterly enrapturing reads, I’d highly suggest my top 3 favourites. Namely:

1) The Rosetta Codex by Richard Paul Russo

It’s filled with action, suspense, symbolism, adventure, politics, truth, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, depth of character and the universal question of ‘Who am I?’. I love how the story portrays a persons journey and choices in each stage of the human life cycle. It’s amazing how the author got to create a full feature of a characters life in such a little and semi-thin book. I am in awe.

2) The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell

Not only are the illustrations so intricately fantastical, the story itself is intricately fantastically made as well. This books is a marriage of visual and mental masterpiece. For what seems/looks like a children’s book, the story is amazingly thought out and complex. It’s a world of its own. It’s Peter Pan-slash-The Lord of the Rings-slash-Where the Wild Things Are combined. I cannot wait to read the next book and the next!

3) Naturally Healthy Skin by Stephanie Tukles

For all the lasses and ladies out there, this is the skin bible for you. Even lads and gentlemen would benefit from this. I am in love with this book! Tea, herbs, fruits and organics are a huge part of my life and this was an amazing find. It’s practically complete in information. You’ll find healthy AND cheap ways to make your skin AND your body healthy. Goodbye to expensive pills, lotions and creams and hello to a cheap but quality and healthy lifestyle.

If you’ve come across this post and have read some of the books here, let me know how you thought of them. Book suggestions are always welcome! 🙂

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Smores Cereal Bar: Perfect for camping or breakfast!

A few weeks ago I found myself staring at half a bag of marshmallows and half a bag of Cornflakes cereal. That got me thinking…about maths.

Marshmallows + cereal = Cereal bars!

I’ve missed baking so I thought I’d give it a whiz. But there’s actually no baking required really. Which is bittersweet for a girl who loves to bake.

Watching a lot of Food Network and TLC shows has given me quite a bit of information on some pretty awesome recipes. I saw a show that was all about cake shops and how they make their gastronomic and artistic cakes. They used cereal bars a lot and they showed the viewers how they make it (though without measurements). I figured it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to make cereal bars so I simply winged the recipe. Plus, I was famished. I needed a recipe fix that would get me to chomp on some yummy delights A.S.A.P.!

First I got all my ingredients and baking materials together and checked the pantry to see what stuff I can use or add. Saw the chocolate chips and had a light-bulb moment right there and then. I could make a Smores version of the cereal bar! I’ve seen recipes online before but have never come across a Smores recipe so here’s mine. You’ll need…

Marshmallows, Cereal (anything that has a mild taste so the bars won’t be overtly sweet), Chocolate chips and Unsalted butter

Cooking pot, Spatula, Foil and a Baking pan

No specific measurements on my part, I just used all of the leftover cereal and marshmallows I had. Though there should be more marshmallows in the mixture so your cereal bars won’t fall apart. Keep in mind that it will serve as a glue when it sets.

Cooking time: 5-10 min. tops (depends on how fast your marshmallows melt or how much marshmallows you put in)

Preparation time: 5 min. more or less

Serving time: When the marshmallow mixture sets (Depends if the weather/kitchen is hot or not. You can put the cereal bars in the freezer like I did.)


1) Turn on the stove to low heat and put a knob of butter in the pot. The butter serves as a barrier between the marshmallow and the metal. If you don’t use butter, the bottom part of the melted marshmallow will burn.

2) When the butter completely melts, put your marshmallows in. People say mini marshmallows melt faster so you can buy that if you want.

3) Wait for the marshmallows to melt until the look and consistency is like melted sticky dough. Throw in your mild flavoured cereal of choice (either Rice Krispies, Cornflakes, what have you) and mix until the cereal is evenly coated with the marshmallow mixture.

4) Pour as much or as little chocolate chips as you want LAST because it will start to melt from the heat of the mixture. You don’t want weird brown looking patches on your cereal treats. I suggest to not put too much chips because the marshmallow mix is already sweet – unless you used dark chocolate chips or semi-sweet, then it’s fine.

5) Pour the cereal, chocolate chips and marshmallow mixture into a baking sheet than has pre-buttered foil on top. Foil is optional. For me it makes the taking out of the block easier. Evenly distribute the mixture all over the area of the pan. You can use your buttered hands or a buttered spatula so the mixture won’t stick to your hands or the spatula. When you’re done, let the mixture set and when it has set, you can then slice the block into bars as big or as small as you’d like.

For fun holidays or events, you can used coloured cereal or cookie cutters. Use nuts, peanut butter, coffee, bananas or anything you can think of that would marry well with a cereal bar. Have fun and be creative! Kids will love these and they can even help you make this simple dessert.  You can even have these as mini appetizers in a posh party. My dad thought I bought them and that they were imported because it tasted as good as it looks! And my brother raved about the bars to his girlfriend. You can definitely add this as a camping treat or a sweet breakfast for you, your friends and your family.

Pictures below. 🙂

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I am an official INSOMNIAC. S.O.S.!!!

I’m cold.

I’m alone.

I’m lying on the floor.

I haven’t changed my clothes.

I’m going out of my mind.


It’s 4:15 IN THE MORNING. I have tried to sleep for the past 6 hours to no avail. It’s been like this for 2 weeks straight. Staring at the ceiling and tossing & turning have now been part of my nightly routine. What’s crazy is that I feel like being productive in the middle of the night rather than in the morning or in the afternoon. So sometimes I just get up and organize a few things or read a book again or get something to eat. It’s really a battle between my subconscious and myself. I have random outbursts in my mind, yelling, “WHY WON’T YOU LET ME SLEEP!? FOR. THE LOVE. OF GOD!….” to which no answer comes to my aid. I would want an answer. Preferably not anywhere near a talking voice in my head other than my own. That would mean that one of my top 3 phobia’s would literally come to life: Going completely bonkers. I do not even want to think about it.

Another crazy thing is that I never seem to be in a deep sleep. I startle and wake up quite easily. Just the faintest sound makes my ears alert and tingle (at least that’s what I think it does). I reckon I don’t go beyond Stage 3 a.k.a. Stage 4: “Delta Sleep”/”Deep Sleep”.

I did realize than whenever I exercise, I fall asleep with ease. I really should retrain my body to be more active. Ever since that beach weekend at the end of last May, I came back to my usual lifestyle – more eating, less exercising. I do love food though but I thank the heavens for my high metabolism. It runs in both sides of the fambam. Thanks mum & dad! My resolution was to eat healthier and I have been, in all honesty. Besides, organic tastes better! And I’m a sucker for fruits and veggies. I was not the 90% of the children population that hated vegetables. My folks didn’t even have to force feed me or deceptively incorporate the greens in my food. One of the few things I’m proud of? How sad!! HAHA.

Wow, it’s totally like the movies right now. Rain cues in as an insomniac blogger writes her woes on her non-existent slumber. Will there be a random pop-up of an anti-sleep song next? Insomnia by The Veronicas?

I just really hope I stay awake for the duration of our family lunch later in the day. A REUNION no less! I might unconsciously break all the table etiquette and social graces a mature young woman of 22 would be expected of. It’s a good thing I have my back-up! My never changing passable teenage physical attributes. With height to boot. I feel like a wink is in order but that would be awkward for a renowned recluse like me.

I’m extremely sleepy but I just cannot fall asleep. My conscious state of mind and my subconscious should really try to co-exist any minute now because I have 7 hours to go till lunch. Minus the hours I’m waking up, eating breakfast, preparing myself and going to the restaurant.

To entertain myself in this rather dead activity in the social networking sites I’m part of…I researched images of people/animals passing out on their food. Let’s cross all our limbs and insides that my fate in the next 24 hours won’t mirror theirs. Midnight Society hi-fives all around! YEAH! (I do get an appraisal to my reference on the 90’s classic, “Are You Afraid of the Dark”, right?)




Here come the cute photosss! If you don’t like them, you’re dead inside.


Alright, well, I really have to hit the sack. Maybe literally if I can’t keep a shut-eye. Our family cat is making me jealous right now. He’s sleeping like a little prince on the couch behind me. And I can most definitely hear his steady breathing. Here’s how nice & snugly he is:


Before I go, I just have to ask anyone who might come across this post to give me some tips and tricks to fall asleep. A stress on the words: legal and organic. I would be extremely grateful. You have no idea. Please and thank you!!

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