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STYLE FILE: Emma Roberts

Chic and effortless.

Put a (literal) twist on a basic button down shirt. This is a trick I usually run to to spice up my outfit.

Try purchasing a printed rendition of this classic. Fun prints are always welcome like this quirky upturned and upside down hearts pattern on Emma Roberts’ blouse. Pair your knotted button down with high-waisted pants – to cover your midriff (Let’s keep it classy, ladies) and some rockin’ black ankle booties. Keep jewelry to a minimal so as not to clash with the print. Snaz up the finishing touch with easy locks, babydoll peepers and poppin’ red lips.

For an additional look, put on a layer of a cool leather jacket. Emma plays up a typical leather jack, sporting one with a (faux hopefully) fur collar trimming and hoodie.


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Style File Intro: Hey, yo! Let’s go!

Here begins my Style Files. Documenting fashions I myself wear day to day. The only difference this has to any other fashion blogger out there is that my photo posts won’t have me in them but style icons or strangers who’s style likens mine or who’s style I’d fancy to mix into my personal imaging.

Evolution, surprise, creativity and diversity is what I aim for when I express myself through clothes. Heavily influenced by my mood, mind you. By keeping track of what I wear or what I’ll be wearing, I can observe which styles I can play with. Let’s call it a literal version of the “Operation Outfit Organization Folder” filed in my brain. This is so because I share a room with my 2 sisters and although our clothes seem organized (labels and all), you wouldn’t know who’s clothes are whose and frankly, some of them are drowning at the bottom of particular piles and squished in corners. Hence, just grabbing whatever is on top of el cajón when I wake up in the morning. Cool and funky looking racks would suffice, really. Or fancy closest like these babies at the bottom. Yes, I dare to dream. I have an affinity to (almost) anything that’s free.

I am OBSESSED with chandeliers! But shhyeah sure, I need to earn a heck of a lot MORE to get a swanky closet like that. I don’t even have my OWN room for cripes sake. *insert chuckle here*

Now I suppose this next one would do swimmingly for me. I just need to brush up on my fair carpenter skillz. Nature touches are just a beaut!

Cleaning and protecting my clothes from dust…now that’s another thing.

I shall be posting one Style File a day or rather, whenever I’m online here. And now we commence!

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Winging It

A snippet of our midnight convo.

Impromtu hang out 2moz with my friend, Vikter! PSYCHED!

We have something up our sleeves. *evil laugh*

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My Current Obsession


Nope, not A boy but a duo artist called “BOY”.

They’re a German-Swiss combo of complete and utter loveliness.


Press play on the video below and prepare to be blown away.

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