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The Girl with (what she’d like to think..) the Rainbow Coloured Hair



My haircolour last month. 🙂

Blurry, yes. Forgive the girl who tried to take photos of the back of her head.


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February 22, 2012 · 3:04 pm

You’re Welcome :)

Jimmy Kimmel, you ROCK.

Meet my fictional parents: Gotye & Kimbra. The coolest people to roam the Earth. They also happen to be the older version of my soulmate and I.

ALAS! A long overdue LIVE performance of “Somebody That I Used to Know” WITH the loveliest of the lovelies, Kimbra.

You are most welcome. 😉

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Random Ramblings of a Tongue Twisted

No specific topic. Andddddd off we go!

First off, Happy Grounds Hog Day! I’m not really sure what kind of celebration that entails but it sounds fun!

Dang. I think I’m dyslexic (- in theory. I know it’s a serious condition. I don’t take it lightly.). Not literal reading but when reading my mind. My mouth and mind never seem to coexist peacefully. Do they even connect? In my thoughts everything’s so clear & articulate but when I speak, it comes out incoherent.

Exhibit A – When explaining a story.

Mind: *talks like Sylvia Plath*

Mouth: Uhm…see what happened was…*stutter*..yeah so…yeah. =|

I’m sure I’d win Best Storyteller of the Year.

Maybe if I met someone who could read minds..then it wouldn’t be so frustrating and tough for me. For now I reckon I should stick to writing. And yes, I know, practicing the Art of Communication. *le sigh*

Am I the only one in this generation who thinks Engelbert Humperdinck’s a badass dude? I mean, check the name out. Has it’s own personality!

End scene. I’m the lead character in my own movie right?

End ramblings.

p.s. My brother told me to say my title post 5 times fast. Guess how that went. Ding ding ding, we have the answer!

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