Book Sales and Word Play

Stacks and stacks of glorious, sweet-smelling books and in the company of fellow book lovers but adversaries for the day – I was in Cloud 9 indeed!

I tried to work hard and fast going through all those books so I wouldn’t miss out on all the good ones. I thought I had succeeded and found myself walking around to observe what books people were checking out, and out of the corner of my eye I see a red, white and yellow rectangular box and decide to investigate. As I move closer, I realize and recognize that it was a Dr. Seuss book set! SCORE! So I quietly make my way towards the set so as not to attract any unwanted competitors and get there without a sweat. I beam and reach for it but then hesitate. The set was above a few books and right beside a guy scanning a book. I contemplate the situation for a while and it painfully dawned on me that the set already belong to someone else. The way he protectively leaned on the books with his elbows sometimes on top of them and the way he would steal quick glances at those books told me the hard hitting truth. The truth that was confirmed once he finished scanning and got the books he already picked out and walked away. I froze and yelled, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” in my mind. Failed. I had failed! My one mistake was to not take the children’s section seriously. I missed out on a DR. SEUSS SET!!!! My heart cried in agony. I rushed to see if there was another one but alas it was not meant to be.

I told my sister and my brother what happened and my sister successfully hunted down a Dr. Seuss. 2 in fact. But not the one I wanted. *le sigh*

Above are the Dr. Seuss books she found and bought. Vintage which I love. She’s giving it to her future kids for their bedtime stories. Sweet!

I also saw this book with a beautiful Gothic and turn of the century-esque cover art that got me intrigued. I eventually didn’t buy it because the story centers around Lord Byron’s colleague/friend and not Lord Byron himself.

My sister saw this book that had a witty and funny title and book cover. I admired the word play on it as well.

This next book was the image and likeness of our 2 family kitties which we found highly amusing and a hilarious coincidence. They even got their expressions down pat.

Another thing that brightened my day was definitely seeing people of all ages and sizes at the book sale. Particularly this très mignon little boy that was reading a book by himself. Now I don’t mean to look like a creepo but I just had to take a photo for an honest & innocent purpose. Besides, I love his hair colour. I’ll most definitely use the photo as a peg the next time I decide to dye my hair light at a salon, hehe. He had such a cute accent when his mother called for him. He even bought the book he was reading. And check out those adorable wellies! 🙂


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