A simple, resourceful, creative, cheap and chic idea for summer! Thanks to Glitter ‘N Glue for sharing this cool idea. 🙂

Just two weeks until my plane leaves…destination Hawaii! I’m so excited for my vacation. I plan on spending most of my time lounging on the beach. The only problem with spending most of the day in a swimsuit is making your wardrobe transitional. A swim cover up is the best way to transition your swimwear to day wear that’s presentable for walking through the hotel lobby or lunching at that beachfront restaurant. This DIY is so simple and so chic. I’m packing at leave 4 of them for my trip.

Materials: 1 and a half yards of fabric, 2 feet of chain, grommets

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Love Bites

As I was site surfing, I saw this quote from actress & singer, Ariana Grande.

I totally back her philosophy because I’d be the same way if I was dating someone.

Yes, I am single, not looking and loving it (most of the time anyway)!

If it happens, it happens. 🙂

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My Future Rock and Roll Headquarters \m/

My Future Rock and Roll Headquarters \m/

Rock inspired Paco Rabanne fragrance display. I HIGHLY SUPPORT THIS. Especially the silver skull on the what looks like a cross between a Wing Chair and a Slipper Chair. (Why do I know this? My parents are Interior Designers.) The photo’s a bit blurry. My phone camera doesn’t have a high resolution unfortunately.

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July 18, 2012 · 9:00 pm

Geek Chic: Karen Gillan at Comic Con | 2012


Karen Gillan, quirky patterns and Comic Con: these are the 3 of my favourite things!

I am in love and would wear the entire look. Even the shoes, which style I’m not particularly fond off but it goes with the outfit. And oh! The red hair I would sport as well. Which is a “duh” moment because I’ve been coveting fiery locks ever since I can remember. My family and friends are a testament to that. I’ve actually been planning quite an agenda for me to FINALLY dye my hair the inflamed colour. A mission really…MISSION: RED. As simple and concise as that. I was thinking more in the lines of, “UP IN FLAMES” but that reminds me of the 80’s film “Fire Starter”. You know, where the very young Drew Barrymore’s pyrokinetic character burns the facility down.

And as anyone close to me would know, I have practically asked my parents a billion times if I could dye my hair red. To which they answer a very firm, “NO.” even before I could finish my sentence. I usually just sigh in resignation and think about asking again next time but there are times when I am really craving for it. I seriously believe that I might have been a redhead in one of my past lives. Considering, if I had one. (I’m very open to what truth the universe holds.) This month has gotten me wired up! Every day and every night, I think about it. Until one afternoon, I could not take it anymore. I hatched a plan to make a PowerPoint to show my folks so that they’ll know how serious and/or desperate I am. It worked for Emma Stone and that kid in some computer commercial…so why not me? I’ve finished the PowerPoint. Proofread and the works. I even showed my older siblings and they seemed pretty satisfied. So it was ANY day now that I was going to present the slides to my parents when I found out/realized 3 things:

1) Red hair is a current trend. (I am not fond of trends. Not the trends themselves per say…it really depends though…but of the essence of a trend. At least in fashion anyway.) I am an Aquarius. (I don’t really believe in the accuracy of zodiac sign characteristics but I only used it as a reference & so I don’t have to elaborate on the reasons.))

2) 2 of my friends dyed their hair red. They actually have the same color and a different color than what I prefer but then we’d be 3 redheads and that would bother me “because I am an Aquarius”.

3) I don’t really go out anyway so no one will see my pride and glory except for the people at home. HAHA.

Anywho, back to the comic font/graphic inspired sweater!! Here’s a closer shot:


Isn’t it divine!? I badly want to purchase it, but I did my research and WOWZA! It’s about 500 dollars! I am not that desperate nor rich enough to buy branded clothes. I’d rather thrift shop – which I highly enjoy and recommend. There’s nothing like having one-of-a-kind pieces! It’s like wearing a limited edition or an expensive painting! (Too much enthusiasm but I really have to portray in words my rare moments of joy) Since I cannot acquire this ingenious garment, I might as well make one. D.I.Y. projects. Yeowwww! Another favourite of mine. Now I just have to constantly remind myself to make one till I do it or jot it down in my good ol’ faithful notepad lest I forget. Stoked! *nerd moment*

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Story of My Life

Mom: Why don’t you have a boyfriend? (I know she’s about to say, “Like your sisters.”)

Me: Because of my charm.

Mom: Your charm is fine. You’re very charming!

Me: Mooom, I was being sarcastic. 1) I don’t have charm. You think I’m quirky.

And I like that by the way. And 2) My charm is about the same level as a goldfish.

You don’t really hear of goldfishes having partners in the fishbowl.

Only in The Fairly Oddparents. And they’re just cartoon characters.

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I remember when…

as a kid I was a (still am) a “tree hugger”. She likes eggs*. I like trees. You know, before it was “cool”. And whenever I’d remark about pollution or global warming and pick up trash from the ground then throw it in the waste bin, I’d get weird stares from people and my friends got embarrassed when I’d do that around them in public. At one point, my sisters boyfriend even laughed at me. We’re cool now but I can’t shake that day out of my mind. Especially since it was the first and knowingly last time someone laughed at me for something as important as the state of the Earth.

To be honest, their reaction to me didn’t bother my personal feelings. I didn’t feel bad because they hurt me emotionally. I felt bad because it bothered me that they were ignorant and they were frowning upon acts of kindness and being aware of the world.

It’s gone uphill from then but I’m just irked about it being mainstream. Well, at least it’s a good kind of mainstream. I just hope it doesn’t stay a trend to the people who think it is.

*NOTE: If you didn’t know, “She likes eggs.” refers to one of the famous lines in the cult phenom Mean Girls. 1 not 2. Really popular back in my day. Why am I making myself sound like a geezer? I’m not that old. I’m in my early 20’s and has passable tween looks if outfit worn correctly. I think old people are cool by the way. No misunderstandings here.


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Books Before Boys

Dividing fractions before bed but I’d rather read a book. Nerd alert! And I’m cool with it.

My first commandment is: Books before boys. But if boy likes books then girl likes boy who likes books.

As my college graduation present, my mum took me to Hong Kong. We would always take the MTR. One fateful day, during rush hour, I step into the semi-crowded vehicle and find a place to park. As I settled in, my eyes fell on the man across from me who was leaning on the disabled’s handlebar (no disabled people in sight so it was fine for him to stay there). He immediately caught my attention because of his almost cropped bright red curly hair (I am a sucker for flaming hair) complete with mustache and beard. He sort of reminded me of a redheaded version of Bon Iver with a crisp corporate outfit on. As I look closely at his face, I realize how young he is behind that glorious head of hair. Easily an early to almost mid 20’s. I was 21 then and 22 now so don’t worry about the non-existing age gap. I also begin to realize how handsome he is — with or without the stache and beard. I never knew how it felt when people say “love at first sight” but believe me, it exists. It did more so when I gaze down to see what had his full attention on point. The attention I wanted for myself. A BOOK. Just when I thought he couldn’t be any more perfect. My eyes try to scan the title but I’m too far and the words are too small. But I’ve been staring at him nonstop for I don’t know how many minutes that seemed like an eternity so I shift my gaze and do slight glaces once in a while. I didn’t bother with the title I was dying to know anymore as I would have probably forgotten my stance and fell forward flat on my face on the moving train and wreak total embarrassment in front of my soulmate. HAHA okay, that’s a bit much. Soulmate or not, who knows? Only the future will tell.

So near yet so far. I wanted to summon up the courage to go up to him and chat about the book he was reading and his rad beard but what was the right way to communicate? “Hi, you look really interesting. I’d like to get to know you.”??? Are those the first words you utter to someone you might possibly like a lot? Is it too forward? Is it creepy?? I’m a renowned recluse so I am no expert in the social graces and introductions of the male and female species…with the exception of the boys in my family. Alas, that idea remained but a daydream and my dream bubble popped when the MTR paused on my stop. I begin to exit the door when at the corner of my eye, I see him move! After being engrossed at that book he was reading and not moving a muscle, he stands up straight, fixes the hold on his oxford bag and walks to the door. I watch him exit the door and exit my life. I see his face – completely oblivious to the girl he mesmerized, his profile, and then the back of his head. And his figure becomes smaller and smaller and vanishes in a sea of people. Would he be one of those people we see or notice only once in our lives? Or was that moment a teaser trailer of my future? The hopeless romantic in me would like to believe the latter.

I found a photo on the web of a redhead reading. WITH a beard and a mustache. The closest photo I’d perhaps find.

I wish it was him but it’s not. This guy IS adorkable too though. But he remains just a photo to me. The guy I saw at the train? He was real.


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