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*cue “This is Halloween” song*

Had SO many things I wanted to do for Halloween 2012 but alas, I was too indecisive to make a decision so my last minute agenda was to simple wing it!

Having a horror movie marathon (I am bracing myself!!) and game night with my siblings and perhaps their significant others. I’m bringing my ghoulfriend of course.

I wanted to do a murder mystery party but I guess I’m sticking to a game of Cluedo, haha.

I also wanted to do a midnight party at a cemetery. Ghosts, ghouls, monsters, vamps and zombies invited. Let’s no exclude them. It’s their day.

Or a makeshift vintage horror flick movie showing at a cemetery with friends. But that’s not happening right now so yeah, in the future for sure!

MIGHT go out beforehand because my sister really wants to show off her Spartan costume so I might go as a Sailorette. Hoping a gorgeous merprince sees me & whisks me away!

Hope everyone has a horrifically fanbloodytastic All Hallows Eve! ☽

Am I one of the few staying in for Halloween?

What are you guys doing? 🙂


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