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Smores Cereal Bar: Perfect for camping or breakfast!

A few weeks ago I found myself staring at half a bag of marshmallows and half a bag of Cornflakes cereal. That got me thinking…about maths.

Marshmallows + cereal = Cereal bars!

I’ve missed baking so I thought I’d give it a whiz. But there’s actually no baking required really. Which is bittersweet for a girl who loves to bake.

Watching a lot of Food Network and TLC shows has given me quite a bit of information on some pretty awesome recipes. I saw a show that was all about cake shops and how they make their gastronomic and artistic cakes. They used cereal bars a lot and they showed the viewers how they make it (though without measurements). I figured it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to make cereal bars so I simply winged the recipe. Plus, I was famished. I needed a recipe fix that would get me to chomp on some yummy delights A.S.A.P.!

First I got all my ingredients and baking materials together and checked the pantry to see what stuff I can use or add. Saw the chocolate chips and had a light-bulb moment right there and then. I could make a Smores version of the cereal bar! I’ve seen recipes online before but have never come across a Smores recipe so here’s mine. You’ll need…

Marshmallows, Cereal (anything that has a mild taste so the bars won’t be overtly sweet), Chocolate chips and Unsalted butter

Cooking pot, Spatula, Foil and a Baking pan

No specific measurements on my part, I just used all of the leftover cereal and marshmallows I had. Though there should be more marshmallows in the mixture so your cereal bars won’t fall apart. Keep in mind that it will serve as a glue when it sets.

Cooking time: 5-10 min. tops (depends on how fast your marshmallows melt or how much marshmallows you put in)

Preparation time: 5 min. more or less

Serving time: When the marshmallow mixture sets (Depends if the weather/kitchen is hot or not. You can put the cereal bars in the freezer like I did.)


1) Turn on the stove to low heat and put a knob of butter in the pot. The butter serves as a barrier between the marshmallow and the metal. If you don’t use butter, the bottom part of the melted marshmallow will burn.

2) When the butter completely melts, put your marshmallows in. People say mini marshmallows melt faster so you can buy that if you want.

3) Wait for the marshmallows to melt until the look and consistency is like melted sticky dough. Throw in your mild flavoured cereal of choice (either Rice Krispies, Cornflakes, what have you) and mix until the cereal is evenly coated with the marshmallow mixture.

4) Pour as much or as little chocolate chips as you want LAST because it will start to melt from the heat of the mixture. You don’t want weird brown looking patches on your cereal treats. I suggest to not put too much chips because the marshmallow mix is already sweet – unless you used dark chocolate chips or semi-sweet, then it’s fine.

5) Pour the cereal, chocolate chips and marshmallow mixture into a baking sheet than has pre-buttered foil on top. Foil is optional. For me it makes the taking out of the block easier. Evenly distribute the mixture all over the area of the pan. You can use your buttered hands or a buttered spatula so the mixture won’t stick to your hands or the spatula. When you’re done, let the mixture set and when it has set, you can then slice the block into bars as big or as small as you’d like.

For fun holidays or events, you can used coloured cereal or cookie cutters. Use nuts, peanut butter, coffee, bananas or anything you can think of that would marry well with a cereal bar. Have fun and be creative! Kids will love these and they can even help you make this simple dessert.Ā  You can even have these as mini appetizers in a posh party. My dad thought I bought them and that they were imported because it tasted as good as it looks! And my brother raved about the bars to his girlfriend. You can definitely add this as a camping treat or a sweet breakfast for you, your friends and your family.

Pictures below. šŸ™‚


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